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21 Dates Through Feb 27, 2022

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What promises to be the #1 Off Broadway play this year is full of scenes with music, laughter, dance and thought-provoking moments. It unveils the gripping untold story of Nelson Mandela in a world changed forever by apartheid. Confrontational, uncompromising and fearless in their pursuit for freedom of oppression, Mandela, Winnie and The ANC fight against enormous odds, all the while maintaining their dignity and compassion. With all its depth, the creativity of "Mandela" gives such a profoundly unforgettable experience that pleasantly surprises the audience, making them want to see more. With all of its layers, Mandela manages to fluidly enact how the U.S and South Africa mirrored each other with how protesting Blacks suffered similar social injustices while fighting against oppression.

Mandela is not your typical revolutionary type of performance. This performance is highly entertaining, while brilliantly and tastefully performing the depiction of sensitive subjects . If you're ready to laugh, cry and enjoy moments of celebration then come experience the unforgettable performance of Mandela!

"Run, don't walk to get tickets to see Mandela! The actors deliver an award-worthy performance. Audiences leave empowered and uplifted!! I'm glad saw this before it hits Broadway!! A masterful interpretation of one of the greatest leaders of our time... for All Time!!" - Cheryl Wills, Anchorwoman, NY1

Mandela Special Information

Blank guns are used in this production.

Mandela Cast Members:

The East Harlem Repertory Theater

Starring Robert Greene as Nelson Mandela

Also starring Nadijah A.K., Thaddeus Birkett, James Garrett, Lamine Thiam, John Shortt, Ivan Goris, Keith Wright, Tyler McCall, La-La McGriff

Mandela Creative Team

Authors: Yolanda Brooks and John Ruiz Miranda

Director: John Ruiz Miranda

Producer: Yolanda Brooks Productions

Sound and Lighting Tech: Patricio Pereira

Voice Overs: John Ruiz Miranda

Lighting Design: John Ruiz Miranda

Visual Design & Special Effects: John Ruiz Miranda & Patricio Pereira

Video Design Programmer: Patricio Pereira

Backstage Manager: Melanie Ruiz

Stylist/Make-up: Lala McGriff

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